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Cosmos Scholars Awards Recipients—2011




Paul K Adler Georgetown University 'Planetary Citizens': U.S. Non-Governmental Organizations and the Struggle Over Globalization, 1963-1994
Mariya Amelicheva Georgetown University Regional Administration of Russia's Muslims, 18th c: Case Studies of the Crimean (Tauride) and Ufa governors, Grigorii Potemkin and Joseph Igelstrom
Amy L Bauernfeind George Washington University Energetics and Maturation of the Brain in Humans and Macaque Monkeys
Ryan C Briggs American University Aiding & Abetting: The Influence of Development
Megan E Brown *
University of Maryland (College Park) Reproductive Behavior as an evaluation of Reproductive Success on Captive Whooping Cranes (Grus americana).
David T Buckley Georgetown University Secular Evolution: Religion, State and Institutional Change in Ireland
Nicholas L Danforth
Georgetown University 100 Years of 1453: Ottoman Nostalgia and Identity in Republican Turkey
Patrick A Forcelli Georgetown University Optogenetic Control of Seizures
Kyle M Hesed University of Maryland (College Park) Dispersal and Social Relationships in the Red-Backed Salamander
Onur Isci
Georgetown University Russo-Turkish Imperial Rivalry in the Caucasus, 1858-1878
Harlan J King
University of Maryland (College Park) Purification of the Haustorium and Extra-Haustorial Membrane in Arabidopsis thaliana
Mark I Manzano Georgetown University High-throughput screening for small molecule inhibitors of dengue virus protease
Shannon E. Mohan American University Under Advisement: From William Y. Elliott to Richard Nixon
Graham A Pitts ** Georgetown University Paradise Dried Up: An historical hydrogeography of Damascus

Clark S Rushing
University of Maryland (College Park) Estimating the Reproductive Consequences of Dispersal Using Stable Isotopes

Yashar Saghai
Georgetown University In Search of a Welfare Criterion for Health Nudges
Katherine E Schroer George Washington University Geometric morphometric analysis of crown and root integration in molarized primate premolars
Tara A Scully George Washington University Determining the building blocks: serotonin receptors and their role in development
Julia J Sittmann George Washington University The Baghdad Panopticon: Police Work, Interrogations, and the Transnational History of Discipline between East Germany and Ba'athist Iraq (1968-1989)
Olivia A Smith University of Maryland (College Park) Characterization of the Reproductive Seasonality of the Fathead Minnow
Kenneth E Stilwell Catholic University Sacred Song: Jesuit Missionaries and the Huron, Mohawk and Abenaki
Larisa L Veloz Georgetown University The Forgotten Migrants: Women and Migrant Families in California
Lara R. Yeager University of Maryland (College Park) The Drawing Academy of Michael Sweerts: Academic Traditions and Tapestry in Seventeenth-Century Brussels
Andrew M Zipkin George Washington University Identification and Characterization of Archaeologically Relevant Malawian Ochre Deposits

* Henry H. Work Science Award
** Max and Vera Britton Environmental Science Award

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