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Cosmos Scholars Awards Recipients—2017




Zachary Batz Georgetown University Latitudinal variation in amino acid metabolism during diapause in Aedes albopictus
Beverley Catlett Georgetown University Bloom: A Study in the Life and Works of the World's Leading Literary Critic
Andrew Cuff ***** Catholic University of America The Search for Baldwin of Bossu's Sentence Commentary
Christopher DeLorenzo Georgetown University Coca Substitution and Popular Response in the Yungas of La Paz, Bolivia, 1920-1988
Danielle Gilbert George Washington University The Causes and Consequences of Extractive Kidnapping
Phillip Goodling University of Maryland, College Park Seismo-Acoustic Observation of Flow Velocity, Turbulent Intensity, and Cavitation in a Bedrock River
Jon Paul Heyne Catholic University of America The Franciscans of the Holy Land: Religion and Politics of the Mediterranean in the Age of Queen Sancia
Abigail Holekamp Georgetown University Informing Revolutions: Transmissions of History and Production of Knowledge in Russia and France 1892-1932
Jangai Jap George Washington University Building National Unity through Power-sharing: A Subnational Study of Burma
Ruby Johnson George Washington University Privatizing Welfare: Mormon Women and Utah's New Deal Alternative
Advait Jukar ** George Mason University Three million years of change in large mammal communities from the Indian Subcontinent
Chase LaDue George Mason University Understanding musth in captive and wild Asian elephants: Implications for in-situ and ex-situ conservation strategies
Camille Lombard-Banek George Washington University Uncovering the Proteomic Mechanisms of Metabolite-induced Cell Fate Changes in the Frog Embryo
Alex Macartney Georgetown University Red Armies and the Global Revolution
John Manubay * George Washington University How top-predators capture their prey: Ecological and functional specialization in army ants
Sirak Mekonen Howard University Terahertz Spectroscopy for Characterization of Metamaterials and Atomic Layered 2D Materials
Erika Portero George Washington University Deciphering Chemical Chirality during Embryonic Cell Fate Commitment
Austin Powell Catholic University of America Constructing Religious Authority through Letters in Late Medieval Italy
Alexa Price George Washington University 'Nostalgia, Heroism, and British Conceptions of the Historical Sailor at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century'
Tricia Rowlison University of Maryland, College Park The sperm centrosome: a potential source of infertility in endangered wild cat species.
Deepali Sengupta *** University of Maryland, College Park Rejuvenating the Aging Brain with Estrogen
Alexandra Stark Georgetown University Logics of Intervention: the United States and Saudi Arabia in the North Yemen (YAR) Civil War, 1962-1970
Eleanor Stoltzfus **** University of Maryland, College Park New Womanhood and the Bauhaus: The Avant-Garde Photography of Lucia Moholy
Benjamin Young George Washington University North and South Korean involvement in sub-Saharan Africa
Cory Young Georgetown University South by North: Cotton Country Migrations during the Age of Gradual Abolition, 1780-1830

* Henry H. Work Science Award
** Max and Vera Britton Environmental Science Award
*** J.K. McLaughlin Award in Biomedical Science
**** Gerson Nordlinger Award in the Arts
***** Joan Challinor Award for Overall Excellence

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