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Cosmos Scholars Awards Recipients—2023




Ms. Kira Ashton American University The impact of early linguistic context on visual object representation
Ms. Lauren R. Bassaro The Catholic University of America RAB17 Suppresses Progression of Liver Cancer
Mr. Diogo R Bercito Georgetown University The Forgotten Library: Excavating Untapped Arabic Sources at Clube Homs
Miss Yimei Cai Georgetown University The function of human Autism Spectrum Disorder genes in various behaviors.
Ms. Pamela A Chansky The George Washington University Building an In Silico Model of Virus-Specific T-Cell Therapy
Miss Samantha Chin * The George Washington University Enhancing Chimeric Antigen Receptor T (CAR T) cell therapy for solid tumors using nanoparticle-based photothermal therapy
Zoe E Copeman University of Maryland, College Park The Mastectomy Model: A Venus in Parts
Ms. Jeanne Michelle Datiles The Catholic University of America Sisters of the North: Kinship, Religion, and Memory and the Women of Catholic Yorkshire, 1553-1642
Ms. Melissa A DeLury George Mason University (Re)presentation of violent events in Northern Irish history textbooks: A comparative study
Ms. Katelyn Dial **** Georgetown University 5HT2A Agonists for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Associated Dementias
Ms. Anne Dobberteen ***** George Mason University Aerial Visions and Views of Washington, DC, 1880 1970
Ms. Laura B Fretwell George Mason University Construction and Destruction: Forgetting the Freed at Chimborazo Park
Mr. Shriyam Gupta University of Maryland, College Park Will you be my friend?: Assessing Friendship Networks in Desegregated Schools in India
Mr. Andrew S. Hagopian American University Bordering Outer Space: Norms, Practice, and Law
Ms. Mara Heilig *** Georgetown University Disruption of a key ecological adaptation to control an invasive vector mosquito
Ms. Alena James George Mason University Expression of Toxin protein from Francisella tularensis Toxin-Antitoxin system
Miss Dillon F Leet Georgetown University The role of pharmaceutical manufacturer diversification on the end of the 2003 Northern Nigeria polio vaccine boycott
Mr. Juan Fernando Gomez Lopez Georgetown University Enhancing the impact of microcredit on family income through a participatory approach: The Poverty Stoplight as a complement to a microfinance program in Paraguay
Mrs. Caroline A Maguire ** University of Maryland, College Park Decolonizing Knowledge: Reclaiming Colonial Museums in Francophone North and West Africa
Miss Summer Paulson Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences In vivo microglial complement sensing and the cytoskeleton
Ms. Cassandra Philippon University of Maryland, College Park How Women Adapt to Incarceration: Virtual Interviews Examining Adaptation, Relationships, And Gender Inside a Women's Prison
Mr. Dylan V Scarton George Mason University Development and Characterization of Conductive, DNA-Based Hydrogels for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
Mr. Shrey A Shah University of Maryland, College Park Sustained-release microneedles for modulating the skin immune niche for immunotherapy
Mr. Bowen Shen University of Maryland, College Park Cellular heterogeneity: When do the differences start?
Mr. Austin N Smith Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Fidgetin-like 2 downregulation improves the microglial response to spinal cord injury
Miss Jingwen Zheng ****** The George Washington University The Economic Effects of Building Height Restrictions: Causal Evidence from the Closure of Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong

* Joseph McLaughlin Meritorious Award in Biomedical Science
** Joan Ridder Challinor Meritorious Award for Overall Excellence
*** Max and Vera Britton Meritorious Award in Environmental Science
**** Henry H. Work Meritorious Award in Science
***** Gerson Nordlinger Meritorious Award in the Arts
****** Neilom Foundation Meritorious Award in Technology and Society

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